3/4oz Tonic Maison — Tonic Syrup

Tonic Syrup

3/4oz Tonic Maison
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  • bitter

  • caffeine-free

  • pregnant-friendly

  • preservative-free

  • sweet

3/4 oz. Tonic Syrup is made with real cinchona bark, lemongrass, orange peel and spices.

Quinine is extracted from cinchona bark and is the active ingredient of tonic water that gives it its distinctive bitter taste. The cinchona bark's natural pigmentation is what gives the tonic syrup its distinctive amber color.

A bottle of 17oz. will make up to 25 delicious drinks.

cinchona, quinine, cane sugar, lemongrass, orange, spices

Try it with different gins to see how it enhances their botanicals!

3/4 oz. is a young company based in Montreal that crafts delicate syrups in small batches for cocktail enthusiasts. An alternative to commercial products, these syrups offer a refined and fresh taste for your cocktails.