Sauvage — Non-Alcoholic Wine Proxie
Sauvage — Non-Alcoholic Wine Proxie

Sauvage — Non-Alcoholic Wine Proxie

Acid League
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Wine Proxies are layered blends of juices, teas, spices, bitters, and more with all the complexity of great wine, and none of the alcohol. Proxies don’t necessarily taste exactly like any specific wine, but they’re made to look, feel, and drink like wine. They have acidity, texture, tannin, and spice. They’re designed to pair with food and be enjoyed in wine glasses. Wine, but not.

Sauvage (White Wine Proxie):
A new form of flavor rooted firmly in the treasures of our Canadian home soil. Sauvage meshes crisp apples with green spruce tips and spicy cedar, blazing a trail through an untouched evergreen forest in the early spring. Canadian terroir in a glass, Sauvage works as a substitute for white wine, farmhouse cider, and herbal aperitifs.

Fruit: Green Apple, Sauvignon Blanc Grapes
Acidity: Verjus, Apple Vinegar
Spice: Spruce Tips, Cedar, Juniper, Caraway
Body: Bai Jian White Tea

Pair with: Roast Squash, Smoked Trout, Pork Chops, Poutine

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Best enjoyed in a wine glass and designed to pair with food. For optimal flavor—or if you’re just feeling fancy—try decanting your Proxie before serving.

In the spring of 2019, Acid League's food scientist founders set their sights on reinventing vinegar for people excited by acidity but bored with the status quo. After experimenting with countless methods and over 500 flavors—everything from roasted coconut, to honey nasturtium, Campari, and kombu—they developed a proprietary process that produces complex, concentrated, and consistently delicious living vinegars. Raw, unfiltered, and always fermented with premium fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.