Dry January Kit — Non-Alcoholic Wine, Beer, Bubbly & Cocktails

Dry January Kit — Non-Alcoholic Wine, Beer, Bubbly & Cocktails

A Fresh Sip
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Whether you don't drink alcohol, are sober curious or are participating in a Dry January Challenge, this kit will have your back all month! Drink more this Dry January with A Fresh Sip's Dry January Kit — a large variety of non-alcoholic sips to help you #RethinkYourDrink. Each kit includes:

🍷 Pierre Chavin Zēro Prestige Merlot - Non-Alcoholic Red Wine (1 bottle): This blend is fruity, fresh and balanced. It's the perfect red for BYOB dinner or to unwind with at home.

🍾 Noughty Organic Chardonnay - Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White Wine (1 bottle): This crisp chardonnay is perfect to pair with a mean cheeseboard. Serve it chilled and find your palette light up.

😌 Kin Lightwave: Grounding Calm - Functional Beverage (4-pack): A smooth blend of lavender-vanilla, birch, and smoked sea salt, this grounding euphoric roots you in a state of calm.  

🍻 Athletic Brewing Co. Non-Alcoholic Beer (6-pack): This 6-pack of our best-selling beer is a must for beer lovers trying to get through Dry Jan.

Mockingbird Tequila-Inspired Alcoternative™ - Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit (1 bottle): An increasingly popular tequila alternative, this spirit is brilliant mixed into any tequila-inspired drink for when you're craving a cocktail or want to play bartender.

🔥 AVEC Jalapeño & Blood Orange - Premium Mixer (4-pack): This is not your average mixer. Enjoy on its alone or combine with the tequila alternative in this kit to make a margarita! This balanced blend of spice, tart and natural sweetness is the perfect drink-all-night kind of mix with only 15 calories and 2g sugar!

🍹 ISH's Canned Cocktails: Who doesn't love a delicious cocktail that's simple, low-effort and ready to sip on? Experience all 3 ISH's classic canned cocktails:

GinISH & Tonic (1 can): This alcohol-free G&T was created to bring this refreshing classic to those looking to drink mindfully.

SpritzISH (1 can): An all-time favorite summer-cocktail with cinnamon, gentian root, lemon and tangerines to get you through chilly January!

DaiquirISH (1 can): A new-school take on an old-school classic. It’s a simple yet delicate blend of non-alcoholic rum, lime and raw sugar.