Amass — Riverine
Riverine — Botanical Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit

Riverine — Botanical Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit

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Riverine by Amass is a symphony of careful details, featuring 14 botanicals—each individually distilled in a proprietary hydro steam distillation process to extract essential oils. Created in the temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, its lush landscape, towering firs, and coastal mountains inspired the unique flavor profile of this sophisticated, non-alcoholic spirit.

Nose: Bright sumac fades to cool mint.
Palate: Citrus, sorrel, and coriander lend a vibrant piquancy to start, layered with moss and earth.
Finish: Deep forest notes from juniper and parsley linger on the rear palate, as rosemary imparts a long herbal finish.

While Riverine contains traditional gin botanicals like juniper, coriander, and orris root, it is not a gin proxy. Rather, it is a nuanced, sophisticated spirit in its own right.

Riverine is best enjoyed within three months of opening.

water, juniper, coriander, orris root, angelica root, lemon peel, cardamom, sorrel, cucumbers, apple, mint, parsley, sumac, rosemary, thyme, citric acid, potassium sorbate

Sip Riverine simply on the rocks with a splash of tonic, or use it as the base for your non-alcoholic cocktails. Our recommended serve is: 2 oz Riverine A splash of your favorite tonic Lemon wheel, for garnish

AMASS wears its ingredient lists on its sleeve. All of their botanical ingredients are natural, non-GMO, and vetted by the best in the business. You won’t find any artificial preservatives or unnecessary chemicals in our bottles – just plants. One of the first female distillers in the world, Morgan McLachlan, is a pioneer of the modern craft distillation movement in California. She considers herself a punk rock distiller, experimenting with any plants, herbs, and spices she can get her hands on. It’s this expertise in botanicals that serves as the driving vision behind AMASS.