Mango Jalapeño Premium Cocktail Mixer (16oz)

Mango Jalapeño Premium Cocktail Mixer (16oz)

American Cocktail Co.
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This organic ripe mango mix will take your mouth on vacation to Mexico with every sip. To make it, American Cocktail Co. added organic lime for balance and a touch of jalapeño for heat.

Makes 8-10 cocktails. Also available in 4oz which makes 2-3 cocktails.

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We like to mix: 1 part Mango Jalapeño Premium Cocktail Mixer 1 part rum, tequila or favorite NA spirit Shake and pour into glass with ice 1 part soda water Optional garnish with mint, lime, or fruit

American Cocktail Co. was founded with the goal of creating incredibly unique juice blends and making them available to every bar, restaurant, hotel, and home. Forget boring mixers. These blends are created fresh, with natural ingredients and complex, “how’d they do that” flavors. Each flavor is designed to both stand alone, and work in combination—so you can make—or be served—hundreds of different drinks and never make a mistake. Turn an ordinary cocktail party into a one-of-a-kind event with mixers designed by the world's top mixologists. Always all-natural, low calorie and low sugar. American Cocktail Co. simplifies the art of mixology.