Bax Botanics — Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn — Copper-Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Bax Botanics
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  • bitter

  • caffeine-free

  • citrusy

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Rich, decadent, and bold botanical flavors beautifully balanced, to offer a relaxing evening sipper. This award-winning Sea Buckthorn non-alcoholic spirit is delicious paired with tonic and an orange twist creating a drink that will appeal to even the most loyal gin fan.

You’ll love this if you enjoy warming botanicals, gin with bittersweet orange and a subtle spicy finish & acidic bite.

No need for refrigeration. Use within 6 months of opening.

water, natural botanical distillates incl. 1% sea buckthorn, acid: citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate

If you enjoy gin, you have to try a classic Bax & Tonic: 1 part Sea Buckthorn and 3 parts tonic over ice with a twist of orange zest. We don’t recommend sipping this spirit neat. The dilution and some fizz enables the botanicals' flavors to come alive.

Chris and Rose Bax have spent decades learning about and experimenting with botanical flavors. Between them they have over 30 years experience of teaching and consulting the food industry, focusing on delicious and exciting ways to use wild ingredients and culinary herbs. They are now using all their skills and experience to distil a secret recipe of herbs, roots, berries and flowers to create alcohol-free spirits with layers of beautifully complex flavors. In their quest for sustainability they have tracked down organic, fair traded, fair wild herbs and it is with these that they created the drinks they produce today. Carefully balanced, using the knowledge and experience gained from years spent experimenting with exciting ingredients.