Betera — Rhubarb-Hibiscus Zero Proof Cocktail

Rhubarb-Hibiscus — Zero-Proof Cocktail with Botanicals

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  • 0abv

  • bitter

  • caffeine-free

  • l5g

  • organic

  • pregnant-friendly

Bright notes of crushed red currants, vanilla bean and ground rhubarb root are married with lively flavors of ruby red grapefruit, mandarin orange and touch of earthiness. Long, smooth finish.

carbonated purified water, botanical tea (organic rhubarb root, hibiscus, cinchona bark (quinine), orange peel, organic grapefruit peel), organic cane sugar, citric acid, rose hips extract, orange essence, vanilla

Enjoy chilled, right out of the bottle.

Betera launched in June 2020 by three friends who are veterans of the fine-dining, wine, and advertising industries. As the founders were growing their families (and growing older), their mission was to create an alternative to alcohol that wasn’t reliant on sugar or caffeine and paired well with good food.