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Bitburger Drive 0.0% — Non-Alcoholic Pilsner Beer (6-pack)

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  • 0abv

  • caffeine-free

  • no-added-sugar

  • pregnant-friendly

  • preservative-free

  • ready-to-drink

The taste of Pilsner without the alcohol.

Aroma: Roasted, sweet aromas with honey and fresh gingerbread, combining with notes of ripe cereal grains and bittersweet herbs.

Flavor: Delicate tingly fresh taste with lasting hops and notes of vermouth, finishing with a bittersweet malty flavor.

water, malted barley, hops, hop extract

As you would any great beer—chilled and with good company.

Bitburger has been brewing according to the German purity law with the greatest care, highest quality and best raw ingredients for over 200 years.