Amber Ale — Non-Alcoholic Beer (4-pack)

Amber Ale — Non-Alcoholic Beer (4-pack)

Bravus Brewing Co.
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  • caffeine-free

  • no-added-sugar

  • non-alcoholic

  • ready-to-drink

  • vegan

If you love Fat Tire you'll love this beer! This non-alcoholic Amber Ale features biscuit, raisin and caramel notes and is perfectly balanced with earthy and citrus hop aromas. Capped by a very clean bitterness, it’s incredibly versatile with food while being extremely enjoyabl on its own. 95kcal

Color: Medium Copper
Flavor: Earthy Piny, Fruity
Malt Character: Medium Sweetness

*Gluten-reduced: < 20ppm

coming soon

As you would any great beer—chilled and with good company. Pairs well with salty, fried and spicy foods!

Bravus is America's first brewery dedicated solely to the production of premium non-alcoholic craft beer. Their proprietary brewing process allows them to create award-winning brews which are so true-to-style, you'll find it hard to believe you're drinking a non-alcoholic craft beer! Bravus is about life's accomplishments, the moments in times that fill our days and give us purpose. Whether you spend time catching up with an old friend, getting together with others to celebrate, or trying out a new hobby, Bravus is about making those things count. That's why any time, is a good time, for a Bravus.