BrewDog — Hazy AF IPA 4-pack

Hazy AF IPA — Non-Alcoholic Beer (4-pack)

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  • caffeine-free

  • g5g

  • non-alcoholic

  • ready-to-drink

Say hello to the juiciest alcohol free near beer in town. Tropical fruits and grassy notes mix it up. Oats and wheat unite for a smoother ride. Full flavor, low alcohol, all out New England.

Hazy AF - Embrace the opaque.

Contains lactose.

water, lactose (milk), malted barley, hops, yeast, oats, wheat, lactic acid

As you would any great beer—chilled and with good company.

BrewDog was born with the aim to revolutionize the beer industry and completely redefine beer-drinking culture. They're determined to make a stand for independence, a stand for quality and stand for craft.