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Simple Syrup

Simple Syrup

Cheeky Cocktails
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  • 0abv

  • caffeine-free

  • pregnant-friendly

  • preservative-free

  • sweet

  • vegan

Ah Simple Syrup…the simplest of syrups! If you were to stock only one sweetener in your bar (or home bar) for maximum versatility, this would be it. It comprises solely all-natural cane sugar and water.

water, cane sugar

Simple Syrup is so versatile! You can make classics like a Whiskey Sour (whiskey, lemon, simple); a Daiquiri (rum, lime, simple), a Gimlet (gin, lime, simple), or an Old Fashioned (whiskey, aromatic bitters, simple, & an orange twist)!

Cheeky is a small group of bar & hospitality professionals, kicking ass and taking names, one bottle of cocktail mixers at a time. They are women & minority-founded, and their awesome team is currently majority women, minorities, or members of the LGBTQIA+ community. They believe anything is possible with hard work, that humor is everywhere if you look for it, and given how much time we spend working, you really should love what you do.