Eva's Spritz — Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

Eva's Spritz — Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

For Bitter For Worse Cocktails
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  • caffeine-free

  • citrusy

  • g5g

  • no-added-sugar

  • non-alcoholic

  • organic

A bright and refreshing blend of rhubarb and 12 botanicals inspired by grandma's garden.

Only 25 calories per 4oz serving and tastes like tart rhubarb, citrus and sunshine on bare shoulders.

filtered water, rhubarb juice, white wine grape concentrate, organic sweet orange peel, organic bitter orange, organic beet root powder, organic gentian root, organic rhubarb root, organic hibiscus, organic spices, non-GMO monk fruit, non-GMO citric acid, organic hyssop, organic angelica root, organic roasted dandelion root

These cocktails are ready to enjoy straight out of the bottle! But if the flavors are more concentrated than you prefer, simply add sparkling water to taste. We enjoy it over ice in a goblet, garnished with an orange wheel or rhubarb ribbon. And we also like to serve it ice-cold in a flute during “champagne” toasts!

For Bitter For Worse is inspired buy founders, Shelley and Jeff's long, sparky marriage and love for celebration. When they made the choice to drink less alcohol, they were frustrated by the lack of sophisticated options. Shelly and Jeff are innovators and flavor-chasers who set out to make the kinds of drinks they enjoy—cocktails they’re proud to serve their friends. Whether you’re the designated driver, sober for life, or just pacing yourself at a party—For Bitter For Worse has got you! Because a well-stocked bar includes alcohol-free cocktails.