GinISH — Non-Alcoholic Spirit

GinISH — Non-Alcoholic Spirit

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  • base

  • citrusy

  • no-added-sugar

  • non-alcoholic

  • preservative-free

  • vegan

An award-winning alcohol-free spirit with the familiar flavor and perfect punch.

Gin is the backbone of many timeless cocktails. This alcohol-free GinISH honors the classic taste of gin, boasting the familiar notes of juniper berries and citrus. It uses natural botanicals and coriander seeds to achieve that classic gin flavor and a unique distillate using the shells from chili seeds to provide that satisfying heat we love. So now you can be a mindful drinker and still enjoy a G&T.

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Use as you would your favorite gin spirit. Makes a great classic gin & tonic.

ISH is not about what it’s not. It’s about what it is. A choice to be social but also sensible. To be present and at the same time practical. A choice to be simultaneously playful – and mindful. It’s why they decided to create a mindful drinking company that uses familiar, satisfying flavors and natural ingredients.