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Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Golden Lager (6 Pack)

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  • caffeine-free

  • l5g

  • ready-to-drink

  • vegan

The Golden Lager has been awarded the Gold Medal for Non-Alcoholic Beer at the 2022 World Beer Cup Awards ✨

While fancy and ultra-hoppy flavor profiles have their place in the world of beer, sometimes you just want something classic and familiar. 

That’s why Grüvi created the Golden Lager — a crushable beer that’s light, crisp and perfectly balanced. 

With a hint of honey, a touch of bitterness, and just 58 calories per serving, this American favorite is ideal for all day drinking. 

Plus, it’s gluten-reduced, making it that much easier to toss ‘em back.

malted barley, hops, yeast & water

Every ingredient is purchased from GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified businesses, right down to the carrier.

Chilled and straight from the can with great company!

Grüvi strives to create an inclusive community focused on making better choices within our daily lives. They believe in a world where we don’t always feel inclined to drink in a social setting, and a world where everyone can feel comfortable, regardless of what’s in their cup. Their mission is to help others be healthy and stay social, one drink at a time.

Grüvi sought to create a line of craft, non-alcoholic beers and wine because you deserve it. Your health is your wealth, and the beverage you consume shouldn’t compromise that.

Grüvi was created to dispel the common notion that non-alcoholic beer tastes, well, not great. They saw a desperate need for innovation in the space, and are here to prove that you can have it all. Enjoy a tasty, healthy brew, and take your chance to live in the moment, alcohol free