Margarita Cocktail Mixer 750 ml

Hella Margarita Cocktail Mixer

Hella Cocktail Co.
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  • caffeine-free

  • citrusy

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  • pregnant-friendly

This Classic Margarita Mix contains 30% lime juice and 0% artificial ingredients. You'll appreciate how easy it is to create premium margaritas at home or behind the bar.

water, pure cane sugar, lime juice concentrate, citric acid, lime flavor, sea salt

Add 2-3 dashes to your margarita and let's just say margaritas will never be the same.

Founded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Hella Cocktail Co. stands for bold flavor, real ingredients and hospitality. What does that mean? That less is more, that all of their products have a unique expression. For Hella, it's about democratizing craft cocktails, breaking down the barriers that have kept so many from trying their hands at making great cocktails at home. This brand's goal is to equip you with knowledge and comfort in your own mixology journey. You can impress yourself and guests knowing you’re doing all the right things.