Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Reisling — Non-Alcoholic White Wine (single can)

Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Reisling — Non-Alcoholic White Wine (single can)

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  • 0abv

  • caffeine-free

  • fruity

  • g5g

  • pregnant-friendly

  • ready-to-drink

This Sparkling Riesling is an appealing, alcohol-free sparkling wine that is fresh and juicy with a fine interplay of crisp apples and fine bubbles. These single-serving cans are perfect for your next picnic, roadtrip or gathering!

dealcoholized wine, grape must, sucrose, carbon dioxide, sucrose, ascorbic acid, rectified concentrate grape must

Can be enjoyed on its own, or as a light cocktail mixer.

The history of viticulture of the Leitz family from Rüdesheim goes back to 1744. So it's no surprise that their range of non-alcoholic wines is nothing but high quality. At Leitz, the route of the alcohol-free line begins in the vineyard, with healthy grapes and grapes that have been produced and harvested according to the most modern viticultural standards. By using an extremely modern vacuum evaporator, they are able to dealcoholize the basic wines of the Eins-Zwei-Zero family very sustainably and at the same time preserve a large part of the aroma, which is so important for a wine alternative.