Rasāsvāda — Ruby Artemisia

Ruby Artemisia — Zero-Proof Spirit Restorative

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  • 0abv

  • adaptogens-nootropics

  • base

  • bitter

  • l5g

  • no-added-sugar

A stimulating play of floral citrus, herbaceous bitterness, and tangy botanicals emulate the elegance and complexity of a classic aromatized wine.

purified water, ume plum syrup (plum, brown sugar), yunnan pu'er tea, schisandra berry, lemon, maqui berry, black lemon, oriental raisin, kurokuji green tea, artichoke leaf, cinchona bark, damiana leaf, chrysanthemum, red wine grape skins, roman chamomile, wormwood (artemisia)

In a Collins glass, add ice and Rasa Ruby Artemisia. Top with sparkling water.

Rasāsvāda is a Spirit Restorative Company based in New York City. Their is mission to empower people to live more fearlessly in their present moment—without judgment or apology—and find courage, clarity and connection because of it. Taking ancient wisdom and rituals from around the world and reimagine them for modern sensibilities and functional wellness demands. Responsibly sourcing only the most distinct and rare whole plant ingredients known for their restorative properties. All to prompt an elevated and sensorial awakening to the present moment that you feel compelled to revel in and learn to grow from.