Rum Alternative — Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Rum Alternative — Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Ritual Zero Proof
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  • 0abv

  • base

  • caffeine-free

  • fruity

  • l5g

  • pregnant-friendly

Natural botanical extracts of warm vanilla, toasted spice, orange and toffee capture the velvety decadence of a dark rum.

filtered water, sugar, natural flavors, caramel color, xanthan gum, citric acid

Use in the same way you would use rum. Use it to craft your non-alcoholic daiquiri, mai tai or punch is the perfect third drink to keep the party going, and keep your sea legs. It’s the cruise without the booze. The navy without the grog. The hurricane without the aftermath.

Ritual started in the founders', GG, Marcus and David, kitchens. The goal wasn't to replace liquor but to add a new tool to the cocktail kit. Another way to mark a moment. They were not interested in new-age goop that defies explanation, or fancy spa water that bears no resemblance to liquor. Their goal was for the product to taste, smell and feel like the real thing. A new way to make an old favorite (or an Old Fashioned.)