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SANS - Dragon Ginger Adaptogen-Infused Sparkling Water

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Sans is the first Asian-themed, alcohol alternative and mixer, health beverage infused with adaptogens. A refreshing dragon ginger flavor with just the right amount of sparkle.

Created by Kevin Kreider from Netflix hit "Bling Empire", Sans is a "conversational beverage" that empowers and normalizes sober lifestyle to represent strength, health and confidence.

"Be a part of the buzz without the booze."

carbonated water, apple juice (from concentrate), erythritol, natural flavor, citric acid, malic acid, organic apple cider, panax ginseng extract, l-theanine, stevia extract

chilled and straight from the can. easy!

In 2013, Kevin had hit rock bottom. Years of drinking and partying led to depression, anxiety and losing all his hair from Alopecia Areata. He was lost, and spiraling down a dark path. He owed over $20,000 in credit card debt and his father kicked him out of their childhood home.

Kevin found sobriety and began the journey to turn his life around. He climbed out of credit card debt, moved to Los Angeles, became a cast member on Bling Empire.

Kevin discovered that the most difficult part of being sober was the "FOMO" and the criticism associated with living a sober life. But this fear is where Kevin found inspiration. Kevin had the idea to create Sans by Taejin Beverage Inc, a drink that empowers and normalizes the sober lifestyle. A beacon for people to hold that represents strength, health, and confidence. To give people the ability to be a part of the buzz without the booze.