Tautila — Tinto Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

Tautila — Tinto Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

Seńorío de la Tautila
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  • caffeine-free

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  • halal

  • pregnant-friendly

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Señorio de la Tautila comes from La Mancha vineyards, and is carefully produced to be dealcoholised just before bottling, preserving its organoleptic characteristics and extracting only the alcoholic and caloric content of this wine characterised by a generous fruit expression, rich in nuances of plum and berries.

Grape: Tempranillo

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Best paired with meats, roasts and savory appetizers.

La Tautila is a family company that started in 1978. Tautila's non-alcoholic wines are the result of many selections, trials, and adjustments supervised by leading tasting professionals. Their flavor, bouquet, and texture are very similar to the wine of origin, except for the absence of alcohol. The results are fruity wines with pleasant bouquets and lighter textures and tastes than wines with alcohol.