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Finding alcohol-free options is hard. Finding alcohol-free options that serve your needs is harder. When you’re exploring the new and exciting world of booze-free options, you need a trustworthy platform that curates and delivers the best non-alcoholic drinks. A Fresh Sip takes pride in offering a variety of quality non-alcoholic spirits and mixers to help you craft non-alcoholic mixed drinks and cocktails. You’ll be sure to discover your favorite sodas, shrubs, sparkling waters, tonics, syrups and cocktail mixers here.

We only carry mixers with quality ingredients because your alcohol-free cocktails and mocktails deserve the best. You can now craft the best-mixed drink ever that’s not only complex in flavor, but also filled with unhealthy sugars - all without the effects of alcohol!

If you’re looking to make low cal mixed drinks or low sugar cocktails, we have just the mixers for you! Try AVEC mixers - they are made from real juice, herbal botanicals and spices. They have 80-90% less sugar than other mixers and their sweeteners are naturally occurring aka from nature, not a lab.

We Carry The Best Mixers So You Can Make the Best Mixed Drinks

At A Fresh Sip, you get a balance of taste and sophistication - without the hangovers! We make it easy to shop by your personal preferences so you can prioritize taste and health all at the same time.

Our ready-to-drink range of pre-mixed drinks doesn't require any mixing - just pop open and sip! We have curated a wide selection of non-alcoholic pre-mixed drinks from classics such as the Gin & Tonic and Dark and Stormy to the popular Cosmopolitan, Aperol Spritz and many more.

Special Fruity Mixed Drinks Available  Too!

Looking for something fruity to transport you to a tropical paradise? A Fresh Sip’s wide range of ready-to-drink mocktails and alcohol-free mixed drinks are ideal for occasions when you want something special but don’t feel like playing bartender. Look no further than A Fresh Sip for easy mixed drinks so you can focus on playing host and creating memories. Whether you’re looking for fruity mixed drinks or something earthier or full-bodied, we got it all.

A Fresh Sip: Get Your Favorite Mixers Delivered to Your Doorstep

With A Fresh Sip, there’s no need to search for “mixed drinks near me” or even move from your couch! Our specially designed filter lets you shop by your personal preferences and find the best mixed drinks and mixers that suit both your needs and flavor profile. A Fresh Sip ships nationwide–from Austin, TX to New York, NY to Los Angeles and everywhere in between! Free shipping on orders over $125, so grab some fresh sips today!