Our Story

The idea of A Fresh Sip originally stems from the idea that fitting in and celebrating should not be limited to those who drink alcohol. We met on a dance team at Boston University over a decade ago. Back in our college days every weekend was a reason to celebrate aka a reason to drink. Whether we were the hosts or the partygoers, socializing was a part of our daily life—and back then socializing meant drinking.

Fast forward a few years and both of us were diagnosed with some health issues that forced us to get serious about our lifestyle choices. Through that journey we intentionally chose to drastically cut back on our consumption of alcohol.

When our relationship with alcohol changed, we realized how much of socializing surrounded drinking and how difficult it was to avoid questions of why we weren’t drinking. We were also frustrated with the lack of high quality and tasty options at bars and restaurants. We were still the same women who enjoyed the experience of going out and the complexity of a well-crafted and beautifully presented cocktail.

Our goal with building A Fresh Sip was to build a community and a platform for people to find like-minded others, question the existing narrative around drinking culture and provide products and resources for those who want fresh alcohol-free ways to be social or enjoy oneself.

There are so many reasons why you might not drink. Whether it’s religious reasons, health-related, being pregnant or simply because you don't want to, you should never feel guilty, judged or like you have to justify your reasons for not drinking alcohol.

As more and more people discover the sober curious lifestyle we want to ensure what they find is an inclusive drinking experience, regardless of the alcohol content.


Payal & Aish