Adaptogens & Nootropics…WTH are they & what's the difference?

Seeing the terms “adaptogens”, “adaptogenic”, or “nootropics” floating around more often these days? Well you aren’t alone. The Covid-induced shift towards mindfulness of health has greatly impacted the wellness space which has been utilizing more super plants that act as…you guessed it: adaptogens and nootropics. Let’s discuss.
Let's start with adaptogens. An adaptogen is a plant that helps your body adapt to stress. Adaptogens work to regulate the body’s cortisol levels, keeping stress and fatigue away. How does this happen? Brenda Powell, a co-medical director of the Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness told Time Magazine it all has to do with your body's response to stress. Adaptogens target the HPA axis and sympathoadrenal system (try saying that 3 times quickly) which your body uses to respond to stress. The idea is that these adaptogens build up your systems to provide better responses to stress in the future.
Some adaptogens you may have heard of: ashwagandha, shatavari, holy basil, rhodiola
adaptogens super plants botanicals herbs in a drink
Nootropics, on the other hand, are botanicals that target your brain and cognitive function. Nootropics proponents report better creativity, memory, motivation and other improved cognitive benefits! Nootropic supplements exist but it's important to distinguish natural nootropics with pharmaceutical nootropics. ADHD medication, for example, is a pharmaceutical nootropic and serves an entirely different purpose. 
Some nootropics you may have heard of: L-theanine, caffeine, lion’s mane mushroom
The power of adaptogens and nootropics has been around for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese healing practices to boost immunity, alleviate stress and reduce inflammation. And we’re happy to see so many non-alcoholic beverages harnessing the power of these botanicals.
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